Sunday, July 30, 2006

friday evening with mike

Stopping just once at Steubenville Pike and Planet Way, the bus made her way exiting the pike taking the I-79 today instead of the usual Steuben Street. She then takes the exit 59-A to I'm-not-sure-exactly-where since it is a detour and the construction guys obviously do have better things to do than telling us where the detour leads to. The interstate 279 to Pittsburgh, in the meantime, advises its bumper-to-bumper traffic to adopt a highway and avoid tailgating. Drinking and driving, of course, is an offence too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the weekend traffic be heading out of Pittsburgh? (which, a signboard tells us, is just 6 miles away)

The West Busway brings relief and the evil desire to point and laugh at the frustrated drivers on I-279. Not everyone gets to be driven in a bus on a empty road while the traffic fries your brains in your BMW. Or Pontiac. I don't really care.

Bell. Idlewood. Crafton. And Ingram. The stations zip by and I'm beginning to like this idea of a busway. At the other end of a tunnel 3 miles long that opens into Chartiers Avenue, Sheradon Station sits alone and points us in the direction of Pittsburgh.

West Carson Street, fenced on one side and overlooking Pittsburgh on the other, now bends to run alongside a huge stone wall to the right and Monogahella river on the left. 'Roadwork resumes May 30' says the indicator as the street approaches Station Square. Maybe the construction guys need to take the long weekend off too. Or maybe its just the weather. Shitty as always.

The 376E turns into one of the seven hundred and forty-five bridges that Pittsburgh is known for and meanders into downtown with just about six million green coloured reflector road signs directing us to god-knows-where. The 28F Forest Grove Express stops at Liberty and Stanwix for the lone passenger to get off.

"Have a nice weekend", I tell the driver.

And as if to mock me, it starts to rain as I wait for the 71D to take me home.


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